Health Homeschool Co-operative located
in New Braunfels, TX

Our Program

ENAACT is a Health Homeschool Co-operative located in New Braunfels, TX, at Health Academy. The premise of a co-operative is that one parent may teach an English class, another may teach a Biology class, a third parent may set up or clean up the classrooms, etc. At ENAACT, we fondly refer to parent participation as “points”. The more classes your children take, the more participation points you will need to earn.

ENAACT offers the flexibility that homeschoolers desire and the structure and accountability that a traditional school provides. Students may take one class or they may sign up for a full load of classes. Parents are encouraged to stay at ENAACT all day and actively participate in their children’s education. ENAACT chooses the core curriculum for each class and teachers make lesson plans and grade the work. We also have a structured calendar and provide grades for all of our core classes.

High school students have the choice of receiving an ENAACT diploma if they meet residency requirements or may choose to graduate as a homeschooler. We provide transcripts for all classes taken at ENAACT. Our Academic Advisor can assist parents in diploma planning.