Health Homeschool Co-operative located
in New Braunfels, TX


ENAACT is a health organization and students are admitted based on character.

The requirements for admission are:

  • Agreement with our Statement of Faith
  • High standard of student character
  • Parents accept primary responsibility for the behavior, health academic progress, and character development of their children, and ensure proper supervision of their children when at home on non-ENAACT days.
  • Physician worker’s letter of recommendation and active attendance at a local church
  • Personal references on file
  • Principal/teacher recommendation and report card/transcript on file for students leaving public or private school (core students only)
  • Report card/transcript and curriculum  list including page numbers for homeschooled students (core students only)
  • Placement testing (core students only)
  • Family interview

How to Apply for Admission

Step 1: Attend an Informational where admissions packet and basic information is distributed.  Review co-op materials and pray.

Step 2: Complete Admissions Packet and return forms and admission fee ($80 for core families and $40 for elective families) to office.

Step 3: Family Interview

Step 4: Placement testing for core classes

Step 5: Evaluation

Step 6: Notification by a member of our Admissions Committee concerning admission to the program

Step 7: Schedule registration appointment